The experiences and journey I’ve had playing all levels of basketball in different countries, cultures and languages, have molded me into an extremely useful tool for young athletes. Coming from Venezuela and playing in both countries (Venezuela and The United States) from a beginners level all the way up to a professional level, has opened my eyes to so many aspects about the game of basketball. This academy and foundation was created with the purpose of reaching as many athletes as possible world wide and to inspire them with the many testimonies I have, and also motivate them with my relatability to each one of them. Breaking down drills, plays and mechanics in order to reach an impeccable development of players is just one of the ways I plan to assist the next generation of players. Collecting contributions to help the players and communities with a lesser amount of resources is something I’m very passionate about. I once was that kid with the big dreams and the huge drive to get good enough at the game I love so much. Also, I was that kid that many times didn’t have the right equipment (shoes, uniform), or the resources to attend some competitions due to transportation and other issues. Therefore, I relate to those kids I see are going through something similar and this is a way to impact their lives in a way that they can prosper and hopefully, do the same one day in the future.